Care Management Services

  • Coordinate service delivery 
  • Healthcare advocacy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Relocation service coordination
  • Educate family regarding subsidized federal benefits
  • Expert Witness for litigation and guardianship
  • Counseling
  • Institute enabling stay at home technologies
  • Send family updates via a shared web portal 

Care Transitions

We navigate your hospitalization or rehabilitation and bridge you home. 

  • Conduct a home safety evaluation
  • Coordinate home modification needs
  • Help you choose a home health care agency
  • Hand select personal care workers
  • Attend discharge planning meetings to ensure communication and planning 
  • Handle pharmacy needs; fill pill boxes

Healthy Senior 'Stand By' Program

  • Monitor health needs
  • Attend Physician appointments
  • Manage medication 
  • Arrange tele-health, medical devices and software to support aging in place

Transition out of a hospital or rehabilitation facility:

  • Act as a liaison between the facility and family
  • Identify the needs and arrange the home care
  • Tour the family for placement, such as nursing home, assisted living facility
  • Act as a sounding board and help the family make decisions and understand options
  • Coordinate home modification

Advanced Care Planning 

  • Facilitate end of life conversations before there is a medical crisis
  • Stimulate conversation about your values and what matters most to you in deciding what care you want
  • Help arrange Advance Directives and surrogate decision-makers so your wishes will be honored
  • Arrange a surrogate decision maker (guardian or health care proxy).

Nurse created Life Care Plans

Our nurses develop Life Plans with costs and resources for life changing circumstances and personal injury cases

Technology consultation

We consult with start up consumer engagement technology companies to determine best practices with:

  • Medical device consultation
  • Consumer-centric wellness solutions
  • Independent living technologies, services, apps

Welcome to Bean Town 

  • Arrange air, ground transportation & medi-flight
  • Secure handicap accessible housing
  • Select medical practitioners and hospital
  • Coordinate post acute care 
  • Help you feel at home