"Linda is reliable and conscientious, looks out for my mother's lung problems, dementia, skin, swallowing challenges and general well-being. She has repeatedly prevented unnecessary emergency room visits. As a busy doctor, this has allowed me to be a son."
Dr C., Brookline, MA
"Linda knows her area in the medical field ...  She astonishes me with her knowledge and important and appropriate recommendations ... When something needs to be done she takes care of it immediately as in phoning the pharmacy, calling the doctor or arranging medical services. As a result, she gave me security and a feeling of well-being." 
Mrs N., Weston, MA
“I had heart surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital and was impressed by Linda's professionalism, patience and by her dedication to her patients. She helped me receive various services, of which I was totally unaware. She carefully listened to me and was able to explain and teach me how and why we do certain breathing exercises until I got them right."
Mrs M., Weston MA