Welcome to Care Management 

Our Mission

To provide concierge, home-based care management coordinated by licensed nurses, social workers and rehabilitation therapists to help you reach your well being goals.

Our clients are typically seniors, adults with medical or mental health conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, post injury and those faced with frailty or questions on future care planning.

We work with the client and family to create a plan of care that will help you gain clarity. We find and arrange quality community services and benefits, provide home care guidance and keep your family and medical team abreast of changes. 

Our commitment to your success and proactive measures ensures that you experience successful outcomes and family reassurance.

We are known for our skilled practitioners, attention to detail, health care advocacy and creative solutions. 

A Typical Client

  • Needs education on how to manage multiple medical or psychological issues 
  • Has a decline in condition or new diagnosis
  • Is struggling to live safely at home or needs a new place to live
  • May need home modification, help or a move to a more supportive living
  • Is disappointed with current care providers or outcomes
  • Is confused about financial or legal needs 
  • Has limited support, distant or stressed family 
  • Wants clarity, options, guidance and support