Metrowest Eldercare Management

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Update: Covid-19 

Isolated But Not Forgotten

Homebound Elderly and Disabled

For Families and Primary Care Practices

We Care for Your Loved Ones and Clients

We offer care management to residents in Eastern MA, we do home visits, care for disabled adults and senior citizens in their homes, do tele-health, monitor acute or chronic conditions in person and virtually, arrange pharmacy needs, food supplies and more. 

You are never alone when you have our nurses, social workers, rehab therapist care managers. 

We are open for business and following safety protocols per CDC recommendations. There are still hospitalized clients needing advocacy, clients needing the highest quality rehab facilities, clients needing a nursing facility, families needing the home modified and transportation arranged for a parent, health care and private home care arranged, pill boxes filled, education on how to make a day for a loved one struggling with dementia or anxiety...

Despite outside visitor limitations that are imposed in care settings and facilities for non hospice residents, our team is working collaboratively to implement creative and resourceful adaptations that will help to ensure that our Care Managers can continue to meet the needs of our clients, whether they live in a facility or in their home.

Here are some strategies that we currently employ for our practice during Covid-19:

  • Communication via telephone, video conferencing, letter writing, distant or outdoor in-person visits for homebound clients
  • Ensure medical conditions remain stable by monitoring them, provide family/client education for mental health, dementia or any illness concerns with home electronic machines or wireless monitoring equipment
  • Stay in touch with physicians regarding acute and chronic diseases while they are closing their offices to non urgent matters
  • Reduce exposure to clients by arranging home-delivered food, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals, online fun purchases and necessities
  • Review of individual circumstances with weekly telephone check ins so everyone has attention when they need it and reassurance when they don’t
  • Provide 24/7 standby for our clients in case of an accident or emergency
  • Select and schedule quality home care professionals
  • Our Healthy Senior Standby Program is still available for monthly visits and weekly telephone check ins along with 24/7 standby

Our rehab care managers continue to be available to help in areas of home safety,  teach how to stay strong and avoid falls - even virtually. 

It is our goal to continue to be effective support for you and to remind you that we are still here for you during this challenging time.

Call us 8a-8p 7 days a week: 508-545-2089 [email protected]

Are you ready?

Are you ready to lessen the hurdles, frustration, confusion, exhaustion and expense with managing your loved one's disability, diseases or injury?

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of family caregivers and people living with disabling conditions or diseases. We identify the problems, create a road map for improvement, coordinate the plan and support the family short or long term. 

From simple to complex medically challenged clients, our skilled nurses, social workers, rehab therapists and care managers ensure that your loved one will age with dignity and grace.

With decades of helping people with health & home care challenges, we ensure that you receive client focused, well managed care and devoted advocacy.

The result is a safe, long term, cost effective working plan with maximum client satisfaction.

Questions you may have about your loved one:

  • What are the consequences of illness or disease?
  • How do the disabilities affect the mental and physical functioning?
  • Can the client become partially or fully independent?
  • How much might it cost to renovate the home?
  • How much might it cost for private therapy and caregivers?
  • How does one find medical specialists to meet the specific problems?
  • How do I become accurately educated on my family member’s problems and needs?

Call us 8a-8p 7 days a week: 508-545-2089